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Why you need Ignify Placement Solutions?

In the current-age competitive world with abundance of talent vying for limited job opportunities, it is important to stand out among the rest.

Hiring companies employ different strategies and criteria to identify the right fit for their position. Being a job seeker, it is not always easy to understand the requirements and prepare for the interview.

This is where we at Ignify solutions pitch in. Ignify, a leading placement consultancy based at Hyderabad vouch for a global reach and offer its services to students across verticals. We offer solutions that assist you at various stages of the Interview process. Be it preparing your resume or sitting down with the prospective employer for the final round of interview, Ignify provides you with all the assistance needed to make the impact.

Ignify is involved in all the four critical stages of your interview process.

Resume Building Skills

The best person to write about you is yourself. You know your story and experience and are better placed to put it all in the resume.

But what does the industry want to hear? Potential employers might not be interested in listening to your whole story rather would be eager to see if you would fit into their requirement.

We help customize your resume as per the industry requirements. Our experience and understanding of the job market and current trends help us to offer you insights to prepare a resume which grabs the attention of the employer and keeps them interested to interview you.

Experienced resume writers of leading Placement consultancy, Ignify, help to create personalized resume that would be unique and reflects your profile with respect to the requirement.

Ace Telephonic & Personal Interviews

 Hiring companies do not have time to sit down for a personal interview with all the job applicants. Hence, they prefer to have a telephonic interview with the prospective candidates. Based on the performance, they are inclined to shortlist the candidates and invite them for a face-face round.

Telephonic interview can be challenging. Not having the person in front of you can limit the scope of articulation. The best solution for this is to be prepared.

Placement solution services of ignify helps you with multiple mock interviews, so that you can get the experience before-hand. To make the experience worthwhile, we invite industry experts and professionals to conduct these mock interviews so that you get the feel of the real-time experience.

Personal interviews offer platform to have the final impression on the employer. With our mock interviews, you can ace the personal interviews. Our industry experts and professionals conduct these personal interviews and provide you with the feedback and tips on improving yourself and getting you prepped up for the personal interview.

Package Negotiation Skills

 Knowing the right value of self and the job position helps in getting the right package. A hiring company’s effort is to get the best resource at lesser cost to the company. A candidate might not always be in the right situation to negotiate the right package. Either the candidate is too accommodating and settles for a lesser package or negotiates hard for a higher package and loses out on the job opportunity.

Ignify Placement Solutions help you to balance this out by providing assistance with the negotiations. Through our research- we analyze the industry, the salary packages, structure of the package and help you to negotiate the offer.

Image Management

Building up your image is the key in getting better job offers as well as to ace the interview. Ignify helps in marketing yourself and positioning on various media platforms that can help in getting a better job in a shorter span of time.

Gain That Edge

 You might be good at what you do and have the right skills for employment. Ignify helps to present them in a better way all through the interview process, which leads to cracking the job offer.

Stand ahead of the curve. Join hands with Ignify Placement Solutions Team!

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