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Schools and colleges in this New Normal

For an educational institution, admissions happen to be the backbone. During this pandemic, while all institutions are trying to cope up with the changed way of imparting education, many institutes have taken this challenge in the true spirit and are working strongly to make full justice to the new ways.

Mr. Vivek Sharan , Founder of Ignify solutions, Hyderabad’s top educational consultancy, says, “this virus has played an evolutionary role in reshaping the age old teaching – learning process. This pandemic has introduced us to a new world of learning which is powered by numerous strong tools which, if used effectively, can bring a new wave of learning and enlightenment.”

What exactly has changed?

According to UNICEF, more than 1 billion students across the world are expected to be affected due to the ongoing Pandemic. The age-old chalk and talk method seem to be taking some more time to get its glory back. School and college buildings are shut for students for more than four months now and normalcy seems to be still a far-fetched thought. The Pandemic has changed how millions around the globe have been receiving education till date.

  • Institutions have completely changed their perspective of imparting education.
  • Students are struggling to adjust themselves to this changed learning scenario.
  • Teachers are trying to find out newer ways of teaching in order to keep students as well as themselves motivated.
  • A digital divide has changed the mental wellness of a major chunk of our society including parents.

In such unprecedented times, there is a lot of pressure on educational institutes to keep the positivity quotient high and continue the noble work of imparting knowledge without hiccups.


What can the Institutes do?

To deal with such tough times, it is important that schools and colleges have a well-designed action plan to execute keeping in mind the new normal. Educational consultancies like Ignify Solutions are trying to help schools and colleges to design ways to keep admission flow intact while keeping the standard of education high.

Schools and colleges have already started using the digital/online medium to conduct classes. Thousands of students all over the country are receiving education through these digitally designed online classes. At this point, it is important for institutes to keep these points in mind:

  • Design engaging strategies ensuring inclusive digitally aided solutions.
  • A multi-faceted strategy to ensure adoption of the rightful pedagogy.
  • Ensure designing an interactive mode of learning to bridge the gap between a physical and virtual classroom.

Plan in the new normal

With a rapid increase of mobile internet users in India, which is expected to reach 85% households by 2024, technology would play a key role to take education to the remotest parts of the country. But the biggest challenge here would be to bridge the digital divide as our country still has a big chunk of population devoid of internet facilities. Such challenges may lead to many break through

  • The age-old admission process would go completely online. Virtual interviews with fee payments through CRM can be the next revolution.
  • Demand for new education solutions can bring much awaited innovations.
  • Schools and colleges can plan out unique ways to conduct online classes which can be both interactive as well as informative.
  • Institutions need to plan ways to ensure mental wellness of teachers as well as students.

Marketing activities for the institutions will have to take a completely new turn as the older USPs might not work any longer to attract parents for admission of their wards. Therefore, schools and colleges will have to now develop a complete and robust USP which ideally should focus on imparting value based education which would also be a result of a balanced digital approach with all round focus on other developmental parameters of a child. The educational institutions along with the top consultancies like Ignify are coming up with unique and rewarding techniques to bring smile to every child’s face and help them achieve their intellectual goals.


No matter how many leads you achieve, based on your marketing efforts, it is important to follow them up from time to time. Also, you need to monitor your engagement with parents who are interested to know more about your school.


If everything goes well, there is no reason why you will not be able to translate enquiries into admissions. While it is normal to see fewer admissions in comparison to the number of enquiries, it is essential to keep making efforts for improving the rate of conversion.

If you are not sure how to go about it, get in touch with a professional from a recognized school admission enhancement solution companies. As a spin-off, this smart move will help you get a solution based on marketing above as well as below the line.

Get professional help for increasing the number of school admissions

In the current competitive environment, getting more admissions means, leaving your competitors behind in the race. With limited options than ever before, you need the latest practices and ideas of school marketing to achieve this objective. Ignify Solutions – the end to end solution providers for schools at the global level – can help you with it. Have you run out of ideas? Get in touch with us now!