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Top Reasons for School Drop and How to Curb Them

Education is important for all of us. Unfortunately, not all parents and students around our country realize it just yet. Because of this, millions of students drop out of schools year after year. Both schools and government have been taking steps to control the drop rate. However, little success has been achieved so far.

Before we begin working out ways on how we can curb the high school drop rate, we need to understand why this happens in the first place. At Ignify Solutions, can provide the right tools you need to develop admission strategies for schools and reduce the drop rate. We can also provide the services of educational consultant in Hyderabad who can explain the benefits of education and why it’s important for everyone out there. We have been successful in improving admissions for play schools, Schools and Colleges.

Top Reasons for School Drop

  • Poverty: One of the most common reasons for children dropping out of school is their inability to pay the ever-surging tuition fees. The ongoing trend of job-loss is only adding to the worries of such families, forcing them to pull their wards out of the school.
  • Lack of interest: Many children themselves do not show much interest in schools. This is caused due to factors like parents not engaging their children, unfitting school curriculum, weak admission strategies for school , the environment at home, etc.
  • Academic pressure: The rising competition today pits all the students against each other. While teachers tend to look at every student with the same lens, their focus on completing the course rather than focusing on weak students puts the latter under immense academic pressure.
  • Bullying: A very common practice in schools is bullying by bigger students or groups of students. This pushes the ones bullied to break down after a while, no longer wanting to continue school anymore.School audit report often misses such areas, which only leads to such practices continuing forever.
  • Community: The kind of people a child has around him/her also plays a major role in increasing the school drop rate. These influencers can be child’s parents, relatives, neighbours, children of neighbours, and even school mates. Children with their fragile minds tend to follow them, thereby losing their focus on education, ultimately dropping out.

How to Curb the High Drop Rate

  • Offer options for alternative schooling: COVID-19 has shown that online education is a way to go for children of all age groups. The internet further empowers all parents and teachers to educate the little ones in the most innovative ways. There are many courses that focus more on what children like, and then educate them through those interests. This can also help in reducing cost and help parents to pay less than what they were paying.
  • Provide more individual attention: The need of the hour is to give more attention to children who aren’t catching up with the pace. While it may seem a difficult task through conventional education mode, the more modern practices with the use of personalized course material can help engage more children seamlessly.
  • Keep students and parents engaged: Students need to stay engaged with learning activities because it takes their focus away from everything else. This engagement bonds them with learning, post which they can themselves take initiatives to learn further. This is one of the best ways to increase admission in school too.
  • Offer encouragement and incentives now and then: Not just children but even adults get encouraged when their efforts are duly rewarded. When children receive rewards for learning, they are motivated to continue on the path and further improve their skills to keep the competition at bay.
  • Keep emphasizing the importance of education: Children will never realize the importance of education on their own. It’s the duty of the parents and teachers to help them understand how learning can shape up their careers. It is also important to identify the interests of the little ones so that they can be encouraged to pick up a career path and achieve success in it down the line.