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The Basic Guidelines on how to Increase School Admissions

School admissions constitute an important criterion for the success of a school. Despite the best infrastructure and faculty members, a school may not feature on one of the top spots without making significant progress on this front.

It takes both marketing above and below the line to be successful in it. Read on to know more about how a school can promote the enrollment of students.

Proper diagnosis of low walk in and conversions

Walk in enquiry and conversion is what measures your admission strategy.  Proper assessment and diagnosis of all factors which may lead to poor walk in and conversions will help to improve admissions.

Impeccable marketing strategy

Whether or not a school will succeed in achieving higher student admission depends on its marketing efforts. For desirable results, it is imperative that a school plans its marketing strategy based on its needs. This should be the combination of right branding, social media promotions, training of the admissions driving team and technology integration.

Lead generation

How would you know if the marketing campaign you are running to achieve a higher rate of admission is on its course? Your best bet to do so is to keep an eye on the number of leads and enquiries. If you see a rise in it, chances are your marketing efforts are on the right track.


No matter how many leads you achieve, based on your marketing efforts, it is important to follow them up from time to time. Also, you need to monitor your engagement with parents who are interested to know more about your school.


If everything goes well, there is no reason why you will not be able to translate enquiries into admissions. While it is normal to see fewer admissions in comparison to the number of enquiries, it is essential to keep making efforts for improving the rate of conversion.

If you are not sure how to go about it, get in touch with a professional from a recognized school admission enhancement solution companies. As a spin-off, this smart move will help you get a solution based on marketing above as well as below the line.

Get professional help for increasing the number of school admissions

In the current competitive environment, getting more admissions means, leaving your competitors behind in the race. With limited options than ever before, you need the latest practices and ideas of school marketing to achieve this objective. Ignify Solutions – the end to end solution providers for schools at the global level – can help you with it. Have you run out of ideas? Get in touch with us now!