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7 Things Parents Check before Applying for School Admission

Admission EnhancementThis year, all schools had to brace themselves for something rather unexpected. The global pandemic COVID-19’s impact made them look for different ways to conduct school admissions. Not only that, these schools have also been forced to use cloud technologies such as Zoom to carry out the classes. So far, many schools have managed to work their way around with such short-term solutions. However, there remains a need for an improved, long-term solution that can handle admission and classroom challenges with lesser trouble.

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Top Priorities for Parents while Choosing a School

Proximity: The top priority of every parent is to look for the best school that is also based closest to them. Even if the school charges a higher fee, they can save the same on transportation and unwanted hassle.

Infrastructure: The school’s infrastructure can tell a lot about its reputation. A school with strong infrastructure will have all the facilities a child could need for learning better.

Fee Structure: While every parent wants to get his ward the best education, not all can afford it. So, such parents look for the best schools that easily fit within their budget.

Academic Curriculum and Past Performances: The school needs to have a strong academic curriculum that does not overburden the children. It has to be closest to perfect. The school’s past academic performances also play a big role in helping parents select the school for their children.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Sports and extra-curricular activities are important for the overall development of a child. If a school gives adequate focus to that, it’s bound to do wonders for the child’s overall growth and future.

Teacher-to-Student Ratio: While many schools have assistant teachers and support staff, every parent would want the ratio to be low. This lower ratio will mean lesser students in the class, which means every child will get more attention from the teacher.

Focus on Discipline: Discipline lays a strong foundation for nurturing the young minds towards growing into responsible adults. Schools need to impose discipline in all possible aspects.They must also ensure that parents support their wards with following it at home.

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