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Ignify Solutions Extends Help to Educational Institutions to Know How to Increase Admissions

It’s quite a task for promoters to get students enrolled in their schools. Even established schools struggle with enrolment, so it’s obvious that the newly-established schools struggle even more with it. But many schools succeed too, despite all the challenges.

But what’s it that successful schools do that’s different from everyone else? Let’s discuss.

Build the right Team for admissions

“Everybody responsible is nobody responsible”.  You cannot get successful if you don’t have a structured team who says admissions will be our responsibility. This should have the right mix of sales and implementation members.

Build your brand

You could protect yourself, as an affordable school or an international school, or somewhere around the two. This also means your target audience will be set once you start, and you cannot change it again just like that. It will also determine the money you will need to put in, so choose wisely.

Work hard on all channels to create the brand. Get visibility of your services, offerings facilities and have multiple sources to positively review it. Be it parents, Kids, Google reviews, other online forums, corporate everywhere. Make note that you can only cater to certain classes and not all of them through your brand.

Audit admissions process

Before you Plan you need to asses where to start, what is helping you and what is making you loose admissions. Assess that and then build your admission improvement plan.

Marketing – Branding plan & budget

Build a strong marketing plan to know where to reach for your customers, decide branding platforms basis your audit. Get the budget and secure them. You need to ensure that you don’t stop your actions in between because of budget so plan it well in advance.

Begin communication

Once you have started your marketing campaigns, you move on to the next stage. This stage will involve multiple levels of its own, such as:

Start generating Leads from all channels: Explore all possible channels to start building leads for the school. Use online, offline every platform to contribute you with leads. Your activities, campaigns , visits, Tie ups all are going to help you in this.

Be responsive: Anyone who shares information will want you to take the next step. Don’t make them wait. Respond as soon as you can, even if it’s just to acknowledge them. If you can share more details with them now and then, that’s even better. But do stick to a plan and not call them all the time.

Convert them with conviction

Once the lead gets generated, get them to the campus and ensure they get your best to see and experience. This is the stage where all your success will depend.

Send reminders: After the hook’s done, keep the parents updated about admission dates, session dates, fee dates, and so on. Send them a couple of reminders if they don’t get back right away. Keep them interested and informed, and you will see the conversion rate shoot up in no time.

See the admissions happening…

We at Ignify Solutions can help identify what works for your school through our innovation-driven admission enhancement solutions. Our uniquely designed solutions include services like admission process auditing, brand building, continuous monitoring support, and many more. Get in touch with our specialists to know more about exclusive solutions and services.

Good luck!