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Why ignify solutions

Why ignify solutions

The dream of making your school / institution a success and rank among the best is a desire of every school stake holder. Equally running a pre-school, school, college or university requires regular and strong financial support. It’s not an easy task and becomes the major reason why schools fail to grow. With Ignify Solutions you will be see much better returns of your investment, see more growth and higher admissions in your school / Institution. Ignify Solutions give you the best combination of strategy – team – expertise – execution and results. Ignify Solutions is unique in many ways.

Admission goals can be achieved only with the right mix of expertise, technology and solution. Ignify solutions not only identify the problem of low enquiry and conversion but also hand hold you in getting this resolved. We provide our admission solution and services to both public and private institutions.

Our team of experts in admission, school management experts, technology integrator have years of experience in this field that how to conduct or support the marketing plans which we suggest for your institute have the high potential to give your desired results efficiently.

Ignify solutions offers its admission enhancement solutions to both new and established schools. We understand what a new school would need in terms of branding, marketing and what would work for them for more admissions. Also, an established school will have different goals and requirement.

Ignify Solutions is global

We do not deal in just one city; we are working for different educational institutes in different cities and different countries as well. You just must contact us, and an expert will reach you out immediately

We are a registered and licensed company as per the rules and laws of India. We do not involve in any fraudulent activity or support any illegal way of our business. You can always be ensured that the company you are working with is legal and have a clean record.

Ignify Solutions come up with innovative ideas and strategies when it comes to finding a solution for your no admission problems. Not only these ideas work but they also generated a favorable amount of profit for your educational institute.

 We charge affordable and reasonable to our clients and do things more than consultancy! We provide full end to end comprehensive solution. Whether its lead management, audit, strategy making, implementation or admission training we make It affordable.

About Us

Ignify solutions is one of the fastest growing emerging leaders in educational industry. Ignify solutions help schools, colleges, and education institutions in improving their marketing and admission strategies so that they can seamlessly grow /expand and fulfill their admission targets. We help educational institutions to increase their admissions with more enquiry and better admission conversion Ratio

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