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Why Us

Why Us

Ignify solutions is a consultancy based company that provides consultancy services for schools, colleges, pre-schools, and instituteswho are facing problems and challenges in growing their institutes. This problem is mainly faced by those institutions, schools, pre-schools or colleges who are new to this field and not have much experience. We provide ourschool improvement consultancy services to both public and private institutions that how they can earn quality admissions for their respective institutes.
Our team of experts has years of experience in this field that how to conduct or support a promotional event and what are the important things and guidelines which need to remember while promoting the institutions’ services and level of education for attracting more students.
The marketing plans which we suggest for your institute have the high potential to give your desired results efficiently. Whether you just established your institute or running the old one, feel free to take our suggestions or recommendations on how to increase the conversions and promote your institute for capturing more admissions.
Ignify solutions is different from other companies and work closely with their clients for ensuring full support and success. Through theoretical knowledge or verbal communication, it is not possible to learn the techniques or methodologies of admissionsales and marketing. So, the experts and professionals of Ignify solutions also conduct a training program for the admission team and stakeholders. In this training, each aspect of marketing and sales is covered by our professionals that how to engage the students, how to display all the past achievements of your institute, how to present the plus points of your institute in front of the students and more other informative stuff.

Our Values

Offer full support

From our side, you will never face any difficulty as we are always available for your help

Good Relationship

Only providing a solution to the client is not our job. But, we believe in establishing a strong relationship with the clients.

Bravery and passion lead to advancement

We are passionate about our work. Whatever may be the situation, we always try to give our 100%.


Persistence is the key which can easily solve any obstacle. We provide leading marketing and sales solutions.

Raising the Bar

We never compete with others, but we compete with ourselves


Through inventive processes and unique solutions, we provide unmatched value to our customers.

Our Purpose

Our main motto or purpose is to guide and support you. We first listen to our clients their problems, requirements, and goals and according to these present a tailored sale and marketing strategy. Our marketing and admission sales solutions are very specific and fulfill the requirements of our clients.
Ignify solutions is also known for providing the top-notch solutions of lead management that how to attract the students first and then how to manage the leads effectively for final conversions.
We are specialists in providing top-leading School improvement consultancy services regarding admission sales. As a school improvement specialist or school improvement partner, we provide you quality school improvement services and help you in improving your admission sales and lead management process.
For improving your admission sales and marketing area, we use high-quality resources, the right tools, the latest techniques and our past experience and expertise in this field. Identifying the problem and then conquer it through a well-planned strategy is what Ignify solutions believe in.

How we work

Before giving any suggestions or tips, we first examine or audit the whole system thoroughly. In this step, we try to locate all the areas where improvement is needed

After the completion of the first process, we strategically plan some methods through which you can easily achieve your goals or objectives

As we said that our experts are always available for your help and so, we also support you at this stage. Ensuring a positive outcome is our main goal.

Our specialties in which we are expert

  • Proper Lead management
  • Excellent knowledge of social platforms for the marketing purpose
  • Leadership and management
  • Top-leading school improvement services or consultancy services for schools, colleges, pre-schools, and institutes.
  • Conducting and managing sales training program
  • We provide International school consultancy services

About Us

A new school / college / Institution will get established only with the desired quality and nos. of admissions. This is the most challenging task for the owners / investors of this institution. Equally when have a institution but you lose admissions to other schools; you need to introspect and fix this problem before it’s late.

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