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Marketing is the method or way through which you can promote anything and achieve success in your mission. But, if you are having poor skills in marketing and don’t know how to run your pre-schools, schools, colleges, and institutes, then you will face many problems in your way.
Even the highly reputed schools, pre-schools colleges, and institutes also face the problems in capturing the students for the admissions. So, whether you are running a small institute or big one, marketing is the need and required by everyone. Ignify Solutions has the expertise to help you fix this problem with its unique designed admission enhancement services

Some main and important highlights why institutes are facing low admissions

This is the first and biggest issue because of which many institutes facing the problem of low admissions. Without having a proper marketing strategy how can you expect to achieve the desired outcomes? Marketing and sales are not only the two terms these are the techniques of promoting things. If you don’t have a proper plan that how to promote your school, college or institute in front of your audiences then how can you expect good and high quality of admissions or admission sales?

How are you promoting your institutes? Are you stilling using traditional ways like newspaper advertisements, short ads in magazines or more like these? If you are not focusing on the latest trends and techniques of sales and marketing then you can’t earn the quality results. In this digital world, you need to promote your institutes on the digital platforms where your target audiences (students) are present. Ignify solutions is expert in the field of digital promotions and know all the weak and positive points of social platforms.Whether you are looking for school improvement partner, college improvement partner, pre-school improvement partner or institute improvement partner, consult to Ignify solutions for all your queries regarding school improvement consultancy services.

Because of the lack of qualified staff and proper management techniques, many institutes fail in managing the leads properly. This thing not only affects admission sales rates but also decreases the brand value

We, at Ignify solutions, help the pre-schools, schools, colleges, and institutes in improving their admissions rates by providing high-quality and top-notch school consultancy services. With years of experience in this field, we have vast knowledge and ensure effective results according to your requirements and expectations.

1. Quality discussion with the clients

Clients are everything for us. They are our first priority. And because of these reasons, we give high value to our clients. Starting the project without knowing the needs, goals, and expectations of the clients is not our system. We first arrange the meetings with the clients and discuss their problems which they are facing. We also discuss their goals, requirements, expectations and more other important things related to their institutes.

2. Complete system audit(School audit or institute audit)

After the completion of the first process, we audit the complete system for locating the pain points or the weak points

3. Suggestions and recommendations according to your pain points

After the complete inspection of the marketing and sales procedure of your institute, we suggest you the required changes regarding your marketing and sales strategies and promotional activities. Ignify solutions is working in this field from several years and has the vast knowledge that which types of marketing and sales problems are mostly faced by different institutes, schools, pre-schools and colleges. So, with such kind of experience and vast knowledge in this field, the solutions or recommendations which we provide are the best. Ignify solutions is the leading company and know all the productive ways, techniques, and tools of marketing.The school effectiveness and school improvement services which we provide are of top-quality.

4. The implementation step

We are always available for our clients and help them in every step. At this step also, we give full support to our clients and help them to implement the suggestions which we recommended regarding their lead management, marketing and admissionsales procedure, and more with their systems.
Ignify solutions(school improvement specialist) is always available for your help. So, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us. Promote your institute with Ignify Solutions.

About Us

A new school / college / Institution will get established only with the desired quality and nos. of admissions. This is the most challenging task for the owners / investors of this institution. Equally when have a institution but you lose admissions to other schools; you need to introspect and fix this problem before it’s late.

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